May the fourth be with you

On the rare occasion that I watch the War & Money Channel (AyodaKA The News – thanks Matt Haig for that concept!) it seems like there is so much fear and greed that it’s becoming insurmountable, that it’s going to be too hard to overcome, so we might as well just join in the consumption and let nature take it’s course when a massive apocalypse wipes out the human race and the animals can all go back to enjoying their beautiful planet.

So I stop watching The W&MC and instead I watch my immediate environment, my local news if you will. And I see kindness and beauty and friendship and love and happiness and jokes and laughter and adventure and bravery and solidarity and I remember that The W&MC has nothing to gain by telling us how wonderful everything is, because then we’ll all be really content with what we have and won’t want to buy anything and their precious economy will come to a stand still and lots of people who make tanks and guns and bombs and stuff will be out of a job because no one will want to fight anymore.

So I just have to keep reminding myself to keep my eyes and ears open to what is actually happening, rather than what the media people are pretending is happening. I keep reminding myself what actually makes me and my friends and family happy. It’s not what we own. It’s not how much money we have in the bank. It’s how much we care for each other and how often we connect with each other.

And I come back, time and time again to reminding myself how I want to live. To commit myself to holding up the light in the face of the apparent darkness.

  • Live simply, eat moderately, don’t consume more than I need.
  • Try to show love indiscriminately, to everyone I meet, without judgement, with all my heart. Even if they’re being horrid, so am I sometimes, so I try to see the me in them.
  • I try to be honest. Every minute of every day, even though I slip sometimes.
  • I face my guilt and shame head on so that I might one day be free from my own shackles.
  • I try to be of service, to put other people’s needs on a par with my own.
  • And I hope that these acts will ripple out to each person I come in contact with so that they may feel loved and spread the ripple further and further out.

Maybe like this I can reach the powers that be and change the course of the river, little by little, person by person, moment by moment. Just by paying attention, listening, caring and considering.

I don’t mean to be preachy, I don’t mean to try and make myself sound like some kind of saint. I fail at this shit ALL DAY LONG. But I need to feel like I can do something, anything, to bring balance to the force. Because I’m Libran, and also because it’s Star Wars day.

May the fourth be with you…

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