Homecoming Lunch: pittas & fritters

Family and best friend food faces!
Family and best friend food faces!

All together again! Because I’m always on my travels I haven’t seen my bestest friends for a couple of years, so today three of them came over, I made a big celebration lunch for our reunion; we even Skyped in the missing one in Australia which was fun – it’s Saturday night over there so she was a bit far gone on the gin!

The food was an homage to Anna Jones book, ‘A modern way to eat’. Mum has been doing so much yoga that she’s accidentally turned vegetarian and so shSalad, sun dried toms, goat cheese, pomegranate and roasted peppere’s working her way through this book and I decided to try some of it out, even though I’m useless at following recipes and always make edits of my own.

Always on the table, a giant salad; this one is baby leaf spinach, shredded little gem, a basic mustard, balsamic, EV olive oil dressing, topped with oven-roasted red peppers, sun-dried toms, goats cheese and pomegranate.

Fritters and pittasI made a stack of Fritters and Pittas. I used Anna’s ‘Full of greens fritters’ recipe as a base but my main addition was about 150g of besan/chickpea flour to make them less eggy, I also used 5 egg yolks (because I had them left from the pie – which I’ll put on a separate post here) and 2 whole eggs instead of 5 whole eggs. My herbs were chive and thyme from mum’s garden and I cooked them in a non-stick pan so I hardly needed any oil (coconut) to cook them in.


Pea and mint dipThen I made a tonnButter bean and Almond dipe of dips, the Pea and mint and Butter bean, lemon and almond recipes were almost exactly from Anna’s book, then I made a couple of the staples from my summer as one of the chefs at Windfire retreat.

We used to forage quite a lot, most of the food came from the land – the benefits of living on an organic farm! So sometimes I would come in to cook a meal and there would be a pile of nettles on the table, which I usuanettle pestolly made into Nettle Pesto. Yesterday when my brother and I were out picking blackberries for the pie I spotted a patch of nettles and so I thought I’d give my friends a taste of the undergrowth. We picked a large panful of the youngest leaves (I got a few finger stings and one large deliberate nettle arm-whip, the dangers of picking nettles with your little bro), I steamed them, drained them and blitzed them in the food processor with a handful of walnuts, glug of olive oil, salt, lemon rind, and if you have tahini, add a spoon of that too.

IMG_6779Pumpkin crushFor the Green pumpkin, coriander and coconut crush I roasted some green pumpkin in slices and blitzed it with half a can of coconut milk, two handfuls of coriander, salt, pepper, oil and chilli. The first batch I did all together, but the second batch was better when I blitzed everything without the coconut milk and pulsed that in at the end.

We were all pretty full, but somehow we found room for my adaptation of Anna’s Cherry and Rose-water Macaroon tart which probably deserves a post of it’s own because I made quite a few edits.

We washed our feast down with rock’n’roll cocktails of sparkling water, organic carrot juice, beetroot juice and Cawstons apple and ginger, which ended up looking like yoga-wanker tequilla sunrises!




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