Bali Baked Beans with Tofu Toasts

Bali-British Fusion cooking, it’s my new thingbali beans on toast and the first incarnation is this twist on beans on toast, which is admittedly pretty well twisted!

I started with the rice – I have a rice cooker, so I just chucked a cup of white and half a cup of red rice in there with water and let it do it’s thing. When it was done i mixed in the juice of 1 lime and a handful of fresh shredded coconut, which they do for you at the market here. You could use desiccated, but you’d have to cook it in with the rice for a bit to bring it back to life.

Then the baked beans. I diced one onion, four medium tomatoes, and chucked them in the pan with a splash of olive oil, cooked on quite high heat for a few minutes and then threw in a 400g can of white/cannellini beans, juice and all. Then two chopped pak choi or similar green to wilt. Flavour was a teaspoon of soy sauce and a teaspoon of tamarind paste, softened in hot water an a splash of coconut milk – which is really creamy out here.

I cooked this all down until the greens and onion were cooked.

The salad was a few leaves of shredded cabbage, a few of shredded pak choi thing, a sort of diced passion fruit (which is quite different out here, maybe its not even passion fruit but it smells and tastes like it) and two handfuls of sprouted mung beans (which i put in some water two days ago and because of the heat they’re already edible) with a simple, mustard, balsamic and oil dressing.

For the tofu toasts I sliced up some pre-fried tofu – which you can buy in the market here, but you could just fry your own firm tofu. I added a splash of olive oil to the pan and when they were almost crispy i added a handful of sesame seeds and a splash of sweet soy sauce.

Served on our new coconut wood platters and eaten looking out into the jungle from the back step of the house, which is still a bit of a building site. Not exactly Heinz on Warburtons, but for my boyfriend, who was in the middle of doing all the electrical wiring, it was a little spark of home for my Sparky.

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