Homecoming Lunch: pittas & fritters

Family and best friend food faces!
Family and best friend food faces!

All together again! Because I’m always on my travels I haven’t seen my bestest friends for a couple of years, so today three of them came over, I made a big celebration lunch for our reunion; we even Skyped in the missing one in Australia which was fun – it’s Saturday night over there so she was a bit far gone on the gin!

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Rice, rice baby.

rice salad 1I really love brown rice; short grain, cooked a little too long so it goes a bit claggy. I was once told by an Ayurvedic doctor that I should eat rice for bliss and I realised that she was not wrong at all: put me in a room with a rice pudding and a spoon and I’m not coming out until it’s done. Also ‘Special Rice’ is my favourite comfort dish. it’s basically rice with loads of stuff in it. Remember rice salad that used to get served at buffets in the 80s? Like that but with more than just frozen peas and tinned sweetcorn. When I was working in the veggie cafe in Crete, I had special rice on the menu, sometimes just a simple salad dressing, a handful of chopped herbs and a few jewels of pomegranate was all it took to make it special. Continue reading “Rice, rice baby.”

French farmers’ market salad

Each week I trot aloIMG_3860ng to the Mercredi morning market here in Morzine (allez l’alliteration!) to do my food shopping. There is a fabulous bio/organic stall at the back that sells these little spinachy type leaves called tetragonia. They also give you a little bunch of parsley and basil for free because they’re very nice.

So this salad is based on what I bought this week
Also, I’ve got too much rice in my cupboard so I decided to chuck that in there too.
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Ayurveda: Pitta-Balancing Salad

Ayurveda pitta balancing saladSo I don’t profess to having much of a knowledge of Ayurveda. I’m definitely in the novice category when it comes to doshas and whatnot. But I’m reading and learning and trying to follow it, to see if it makes me feel balanced and healthy. I figure it can’t hurt.

So here is today’s supper…

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Mega Salads #1: Italian inspired goat’s cheese salad

I always said that one day I’d write a vegetarian cook book called ‘Not another @*&%ing goat’s cheese salad’. It’s the restaurant default vegetarian option of choice and for a while I was sick to death of eating it. But this has an italian twist with the addition of sun-dried tomatoes and pesto (two of my favourite flavours ever) and is inspired by the only sandwich I’ve ever really enjoyed from a place called Appetite in Leeds.

Italian goats cheese salad
Italian goats cheese salad

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Simple Salads #1: Carrot & orange, Tomato & herb

I love eating raw salad.  Way more than cooked veg.  Maybe its because I’m impatient, maybe because the enzymes are all present and correct. Anyway, salads will form a large part of the recipes I post, because it’s what I eat most of.

To start here are two that make great sides, or form part of a mega salad buffet.

Carrot and orange salad
Carrot and orange salad
Tomato herb salad
Tomato Herb Salad


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