This (extra)ordinary life

This week I went to London to hear Jeff Foster speak. Next week I am going to study with Burgs. Today, as I sit in my teacher sandwich, I reflect on, and look forward to, the continual lifting of the veil.  So grateful for these amazing teachers, patiently pointing out that although there appears to be a great lesson and a long journey, all that incredible stuff we want to experience is all here, already. Everything we ever dreamed of; love, acceptance, belonging, peace, joy. All of it is ours for the taking, right now. We just have to pay enough attention to really notice.

Living reality

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Poetry please

I’ve started writing poetry quite a lot recently. I’ve tried to work on my other writing projects but it keeps coming out in rhyme. Some friends came to Morocco for a visit and it turned out they all write too. We shared a little, I enjoyed letting other people hear things I’d only really written for myself. Often I feel like the poems just form themselves in my head when I’m out for a walk or driving to work. I’m not even going to pretend that I think that it’s ‘me’ writing this stuff,  all I have to do is tinker with the words until it seems to flow.poem for the morn Continue reading “Poetry please”