So many recommendations...

A huge part of my interest is in consciously choosing the way I show up in the world. This means re-programming the information that I have been imprinted with, from school, family & society, that is not serving who I want to be.

To do this - I am quite selective about what I listen to, read, watch and allow in. I'm also, thankfully, feeling much more content within myself as a result of all my practices and chosen influences. This increase in happiness is not an accident, I worked at it. I wanted to let you know what I found useful, in case it resonates with you too.

Buddhist-based Meditation Resources


  • Art of Meditation. Burgs. One of the best English-speaking meditation teachers has plenty of online content - some discourses set to music.


  • Tara Brach - for deep love & care with an understanding of modern psychology
  • The Art of Meditation. Burgs Podcast - For a modern take on traditional practices.

Channeled Meditations & Teachings

Books/Audio Books:

  • All works by Paul Selig - channeling Melchizedek
  • Recommend working through the books in order starting with 'I am the Word'.

Channelled Meditations:

  • All of Tom Jacob's work - Channeling Djehuty & Metatron
  • Especially 22 Day 'Transform your Human Trip' & '88 minutes with St Germain'

What else is currently on my fractal?

Podcasts & Audio: