[Please] Follow your heart :)

IMG_5387Every day on retreat, we write little inspirational quotes on chalkboards propped up on trees and walls around the site. Today’s chalkboards are on a theme, following a conversation with some of our lovely guests at breakfast yesterday morning. They were asking about my life choices – the origin of which I have written about on this blog – but in a nutshell, I had a corporate life, it was pretty nice, I felt successful and had a nice house, friends, leisure time, etc but there was a bit of me that felt like it was slowly dying and that bit was the spirit of adventure.

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Choosing the best yoga teacher training

To be honest, my first thought in regards to how to choose a yoga teacher training is actually more that it might choose you, because both of my YTT experiences were presented to me by the univeAdj jen jo PP3rse and I just said yes and found a way to make them happen. However, I appreciate that my previous self (the person I was
before I stopped having ambitions and stuff) was much more inclined to do research and plan and organise these things, than to just let them happen, so assuming you are still in planning mode…

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Blessings: Happiness is a French alpine town

Sometimes I count my blessings and make mental lists of my favourite things.  It’s also nice to share good news, to try and counteract all the bad news that I don’t watch/read/listen to anymore. I really don’t want to brag, I just want to diarise how lucky I feel to be living this life, if only temporarily. Anyone who knows my story and follows this blog, knows that I just jumped shAnyone fancy a dip?ip from a fortunate, but somewhat average and unfulfilling existence. It won’t and can’t last, but today was a good day and I wanted to record it here for posterity. Continue reading “Blessings: Happiness is a French alpine town”

What if money didn’t matter?

How fitting that I find this video on the morning of my last day at work in the office.

When I made my decision to change everything I asked myself two questions, ‘What would I do with my time if I won the lottery?’ and ‘What would I do if I knew I only had two years to live?’ Continue reading “What if money didn’t matter?”

In search of happiness: the diary of a life-makeover

I’m in my mid-thirties and I’ve worked in ‘media’ for about 15 years.

I have a well-paid and challenging job, some savings, my health, great family and lots of friends, most of whom have a partner, kids, a mortgage. I don’t have a partner, kids or a mortgage.

And now I’ve realised that instead of treading water and waiting for the expected pattern of life to happen to me, I should probably take advantage of my freedom and lack of responsibility and ties and do something different. Continue reading “In search of happiness: the diary of a life-makeover”