Happiness is… a silent retreat

I haven’t practiced yoga and meditation for very long in the grand scheme of things; both in the scheme of my years on the planet to-date and the scheme of comparative experience to others on the path, many of whom have been at it from a very young age. However, I count my blessings daily that not only have I been fortunate enough to encounter these teachings at all in this life, but that the opportunities to study with some incredible teachers have come my way, ensuring that I don’t spend years or even decades, digging down a blind alley in the misguided hope that it will bring me the ultimate cookies – deep inner peace.

Beautiful Dhamma Vihara

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Choosing the best yoga teacher training

To be honest, my first thought in regards to how to choose a yoga teacher training is actually more that it might choose you, because both of my YTT experiences were presented to me by the univeAdj jen jo PP3rse and I just said yes and found a way to make them happen. However, I appreciate that my previous self (the person I was
before I stopped having ambitions and stuff) was much more inclined to do research and plan and organise these things, than to just let them happen, so assuming you are still in planning mode…

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Am I Bothered?

Most health-conscious individuals will have at some point been asked, about one aspect of their lifestyle choices, “Why bother?” usually followed by “We’re all going to die anyway, might as well enjoy ourselves while we’re here. The more I question myself about why I bother, the more it comes down to one basic premise… that surely prevention is better than cure.

The potential negative consequences of ‘enjoying’ oneself in the context of excessive drinking, smoking, eating processed food etc are too concerning for me to ignore. Although I do agree in principle that life’s too short for regrets, I’m pretty sure that if I were diagnosed with lung cancer I would suddenly regret every cigarette I’ve ever smoked (actually I already do regret that). Continue reading “Am I Bothered?”

Slogans for life: change your personal brand with an inspiring quotation

Henry David Thoreau Quote
OK then, if I must…

Politicians, philosophers, advertisers, market traders: all understand the power that a few choice words can have to sum up their message and repeat ad infinitum in your brain.

And once they’re in I personally find inspiring quotations impossible to shake out.  They have a habit of burrowing into my subconscious, nagging at me to change something. Whether they’re the widely repeated musings of the wise and famous, or just something a mate said once in conversation, sometimes a little snippet of text can change your whole life.

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What if money didn’t matter?

How fitting that I find this video on the morning of my last day at work in the office.

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What has Yoga ever done for me?

Much like the Romans, Yoga has done quite a lot for me.

This quote at my Yoga Shala (Yoga Kula Leeds) pretty much sums up how I feel about Yoga.

Inspirational yoga quotes
BKS iyengar yoga quote

The more Ashtanga I do, the more I want to do.  But it wasn’t always like this.  I’ve been practicing for about two years and the shift in attitude from just exercise to way of life has a huge amount to do with the Yoga studio and the teachers.  Until I found the right people in the right place, I liked the physical practice of yoga, but I didn’t go around giving it ‘last night a yogi changed my life’. Continue reading “What has Yoga ever done for me?”

In search of happiness: the diary of a life-makeover

I’m in my mid-thirties and I’ve worked in ‘media’ for about 15 years.

I have a well-paid and challenging job, some savings, my health, great family and lots of friends, most of whom have a partner, kids, a mortgage. I don’t have a partner, kids or a mortgage.

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