Raw Vegan Five Layer Goddess Cake

Actually, that title should probably read, ‘Radiantly extravagant, (mostly) Raw, (definitely) Vegan Five Layer Tropical Fruit Maple Pecan Birthday Cake, but it wouldn’t fit in the title bar.

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This (extra)ordinary life

This week I went to London to hear Jeff Foster speak. Next week I am going to study with Burgs. Today, as I sit in my teacher sandwich, I reflect on, and look forward to, the continual lifting of the veil.  So grateful for these amazing teachers, patiently pointing out that although there appears to be a great lesson and a long journey, all that incredible stuff we want to experience is all here, already. Everything we ever dreamed of; love, acceptance, belonging, peace, joy. All of it is ours for the taking, right now. We just have to pay enough attention to really notice.

Living reality

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May the fourth be with you

On the rare occasion that I watch the War & Money Channel (AyodaKA The News – thanks Matt Haig for that concept!) it seems like there is so much fear and greed that it’s becoming insurmountable, that it’s going to be too hard to overcome, so we might as well just join in the consumption and let nature take it’s course when a massive apocalypse wipes out the human race and the animals can all go back to enjoying their beautiful planet.

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The meaning of ‘I love you’

For the first time in a long time, I have recently had cause to ponder the meaning of ‘I love you’. Something that I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about before.

IMG_3224To my mind, the ancient Greeks had the right idea in assigning not one, but four words, to describe love.

Agape – A love that is selfless and sacrificial. Like the deep love God has for mankind, or the love for children or a spouse. True love.
Eros – Passionate, sensual love. Desire, longing, attraction. Love of beauty, both on the surface and the beauty within.
Philia – A dispassionate regard for friends, family, loyalty, a sense of community.
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