Yin Yoga Course

Whether you are a yoga teacher wanting to learn about the principles of Yin, modern meridian theory and sequences to support the organ pairs, or a keen practitioner wanting to develop a comprehensive home Yin Yoga Practice, this online course is for you.

Live sessions starting Sunday February 28th (all sessions will be made available for you to catch up in your own time)

Basic Course Materials & Outline

Yin Yoga Foundations : Introductory session – 1.5 hours A live Zoom call (or video recording of it) where I talk through the basic principles of Yin Yoga… what it’s for, how it benefits us, how to regulate your own (or your student’s) experience in the postures, guidelines of how to practice (and teach) safely and effectively.

Yin Yoga Sequences & Posture deck : You will receive a practice manual with images of postures, with modifications, variations and prop suggestions, plus sequences to balance the organ pairs.

Four week Practice immersion: The invitation is to commit to a daily practice of each organ pair sequence for one week, to keep a journal of the effects of the practice and what you notice in your body/mind/spirit.

Recorded classes: You will have access to four guided practice recordings, one for each of the organ pairs to work with during your practice immersion. These will have average timings for each posture and are for guidance only, I encourage you to develop a personalised practice too.

Organ Pairs & Meridian pathways: You will receive a reference document that describes and depicts the pathways of the meridians and the organ pairs that they nourish. You can use this to deepen your understanding of the sequence logic, and explore the meridians as a meditation/ felt experience.

Extra content for Teachers

Sample Group Classes: You will also receive access to 4 x 1 hour Yin Yoga classes recorded Live on Zoom with a group of students; either to just practice along with, but also to see examples of how theory, practice and inspirational themes might be incorporated when teaching Yin.

Teaching Skills extra, plus Q&A: At the end of the course, there will be a second live call (or recording to catch up on) where I will dive deeper into teaching considerations in relation to physical/mental/emotional challenges and ways to expand your repertoire of content. There will be the opportunity to ask (or submit) questions, or share experiences about what you have noticed through the practice immersion.

Dates for your diary

N.B You can also purchase the course and follow along in your own time.

Sunday 28th Feb. 10.30am – 12pm: First Live call – Yin Foundations Intro session.

Mon 1st – Sun 7th Mar: Kidney Urinary Bladder Practice Week (Live 30 min catch up call at 10.30am Sun 7th Mar)

Mon 8th – Sun 14th Mar: Liver Gallbladder Practice Week (Live 30 min catch up call at 10.30am Sun 14th Mar)

Mon 15th – Sun 21st Mar: Stomach Spleen Practice Week (Live 30 min catch up call at 10.30am Sun 21st Mar)

Mon 22nd – Sun 28th Mar: Heart Lung & Sm/L Intestines Practice Week

Sunday 28th Mar 10.30am – 12pm: : Live catch up call for Heart Lung, followed by Teaching Skills extra, plus Q&A

Cost & Registration

Cost for the full course: £120, including all practice /teaching materials and access to all live calls and sample classes.

Cost for the home practice course: £80 includes all support materials for the home practice immersion, minus the sample classes and final teaching skills session.

On receipt of payment you will receive a link to the online drive with all course support materials and an email with invitation links to the live calls. If you can’t attend the live calls the recordings will be uploaded to the drive within 12 hours for you to access.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is not intended to be an official CPD module for teachers (although maybe it will be one day). I am Yoga Alliance qualified as a teacher, but not currently registered with them as an ERYT 200/500, even though my hours more than qualify me to do so. Participation on this course is undertaken with this in mind.

About my qualifications: Over the past decade I have accumulated 1600+ hours of contact time with my yoga teachers in training environments, and 2000+ hours with my meditation and Chi kung teacher. I have 2000+ hours of teaching experience over the course of 7 years. I’m guessing well in excess of 10,000 hours on my mat and cushion in my personal practice (although I wasn’t counting and it’s probably double that! Time well spent!!).