Yoga: Potted History

If you would like to learn a little more about the history and philosophy of Yoga, I have created an online course that is ideal for yoga students looking to add more depth to their practice, or qualified yoga teachers, who feel they maybe didn’t have time to grasp certain aspects of the History & Philosophy in their training.

Each module includes a glossary of common terms that you may have heard in class or in your training, with discussion about their meaning and practical exercises to try for yourself. The history gives context to a modern yoga Asana practice and the philosophy is easy to integrate into your life, or your teaching.

This is not intended as a particularly academic course in Yoga History & Philosophy, there are plenty of those around, created by far more learned scholars than myself. This is intended to be an overview of the main areas of study, and more importantly, an embodied exploration of the yoga teachings so that we can hold them up to scrutiny for ourselves and ask “Is it true?”

There are currently 6 modules (eventually there will be 12), which roughly follow a historical chronology and each one builds on the last. They can however be purchased separately if you would rather just focus on particular areas of exploration.

Each module is £15 or you can buy 6 for £80.

How it works

You will be sent a link to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder (your choice) which contains the pdf presentation slides, a 2 hour (approx) video call of the original live presentation of those slides and any supporting material to deepen your exploration (like downloadable files or clickable links to online material).

A note on privacy: I created this course at the request of a fellow yoga teacher, who reached out and asked me to mentor her in History & Philosophy. She features in all of the video calls (with permission). I felt it was a more engaging way to present the material to others as a dialogue and genuine connection with questions and personal references, rather than re-record each of the presentations just me to camera. For this reason, to protect her privacy, I ask that the viewing of the videos is for your personal use only (among the other obvious reasons of Intellectual property rights.)

Contact me to enquire or buy

Let me know which modules you’d like to buy and which format (google drive or dropbox) you’d like to receive the content in….