About me

About my teaching

Teaching Yoga on retreat for many years, means my teaching proficiencies have developed in many areas, I teach Ashtanga yoga, Gentle Vinyasa flow, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, Chanting and applied Yoga/Buddhist philosophy. I think both conscious movement and stillness are necessary to bring the body/mind into harmonious balance.

My teaching style aims to be honest, inquisitive, empowering and engaging. It’s your practice, your body and your experience. It’s my job to share what I have discovered through my own practice and learned from my teachers, to provide guidance and a safe environment to help you to explore your own mind and body.

This Yoga Life Co.

I’m a founder member of This Yoga Life Collective. A team of experienced retreat specialists. We share yoga, meditation, chi kung, energetics, mantra chanting, Massage, Reiki, Nutritional counselling, Herbalism, creative expression, Human Design, and all manner of other magical stuff.

See www.thisyogalife.com for more info of upcoming retreats

Reiki & Human Design

I am attuned to Reiki Master-Level in the Usui tradition and 1&2 in the Angelic Reiki tradition. I also perform Reiki 1&2 attunements for others on request. Visit the page for more info

I am a qualified Human Design Coach and love the possibilities for rapid personal transformation that it offers. Click here for more information.

Retreat Manager & Chef

I have lived and worked on yoga and meditation retreats for over six years in almost every capacity, as Yoga Teacher, Retreat Manager, Massage and Reiki Therapist, Chef and everything in between…

I was full-time retreat manager at Kaliyoga Italy for the 2016, 2017 summer seasons & part-time 2018 .

I have been cooking on yoga and meditation retreats, on and off, since 2014 in diverse kitchen environments; from a luxury Yoga retreats in Ibiza and Italy; to giving service (seva) on yoga/meditation retreats for my teachers.


(Lovely stuff people have said about me)

“Jen was amazing. She has a wonderful approach, a warmth and a great technique and dealt with all equally and considerately.”

“Jenni is a great inspiration. good to go back to the basics and focus on safety and alignment.”

“The yoga was enchanting. Jenni is a great all-round teacher with asanas and yoga teaching. Fun, dynamic, thoughtful – am so happy to have had the chance to work with her.”

“Jenni was brilliant, so helpful. She made it a personal experience for everyone even though the group was large.”

“An excellent teacher, with an amazing ability to put together classes for all levels. I can’t praise her enough for what she has taught me.”

My Principle Teachers.

  • Ongoing study of all aspects of Buddhist meditation under Burgs guidance with The Art Of Meditation, including several week-long retreats in UK plus longer 3-4 week retreats in the Pyrenees/Scotland.
  • For Yin yoga, Yang yoga, integrative buddhist meditation with posture and transpersonal psychology, I have trained and studied with Sarah and Ty Powers at Insight Yoga Institute,
  • I apprenticed to Godfrey Devereaux at Windfire retreats (Dynamic Yoga Method), benefiting from hundreds of contact hours with Godfrey and Olivia.
  • YTT 200hr, Teachers were:
    Heather Elton: Asana, adjustments, ethics, yoga business
    Emil Wendel: Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy and history
    Stuart Girling: Anatomy and physiology
    John Weddepohl: Advaita Vedanta and self-enquiry
    Rachel Zinman: Kirtan and Ayurveda
  • Ashtanga Yoga, Sharath Jois (KPJAYI) Tashi Dawa and Joey Miles (Asthanga Yoga Leeds).


All photographs taken on location at Kaliyoga Italy. Image Credits: Alessandro Abrusci