I am a Yoga teacher, Human Design guide & Reiki practitioner.

I use these tools to help you to live into your fullest potential, as they help me to live into mine. I believe we all deserve to love the being that we are, and that in most cases that love comes through understanding and energetic transformation.

I want to help you give yourself a big fat permission slip to Live and Let Live, to be exactly who you are, and to know what that even means.

Human Design Testimonials

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Yin Yoga Course

Whether you are a yoga teacher wanting to learn about the principles of Yin, modern meridian theory and sequences to support the organ pairs, or a keen practitioner wanting to develop a comprehensive home Yin Yoga Practice, this online course is for you.

Live sessions starting Sunday February 28th (all sessions will be made available for you to catch up in your own time)

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Human Design

“A user-manual for your life”

Human Design is a profoundly revealing system of self-awareness and empowerment. A synthesis of Astrology, the I-ching, Chakra system and the Kabbalah, Human Design reveals our uniqueness, and shows us how to navigate the world and our relationships with others.

Despite years of yoga, meditation and all manner of other therapeutic and healing modalities, it wasn’t until I discovered Human Design that I was able to fall deeply in love with the being that I am, not the one I’ve been trying to be to fit in! 

You are a work of art. Everyone is. But are we living true to our own expression?

Be Yourself : New Mini-course starts Monday March 15th

All sessions 12.00-13.30pm UK

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Reiki… “Healing Hands”

Reiki is a system of ‘hands-on’ healing that aligns us with our body-mind-spirit’s natural healing capacity.

I offer both private 1-2-1 Intuitive Reiki sessions & Reiki I&II attunements.

I have been a Reiki practitioner since 2014, first in the Angelic Reiki tradition and subsequently with an attunement to Usui Reiki Master-level in 2015. 

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In the event that international travel is back on the cards in 2021, we hope to be able to complete our journeys to Sardinia, Tuscany and Portugal. Head over to This Yoga Life Co website to get more information and register your interest for these events and we will notify you as soon as we have more clarity about the likelihood of them taking place.

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