Hi, I’m Jenni

I'm a Human Design mentor and certified Living Your Design course guide with the International Human Design School, as well as a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master.

Through understanding myself, I have learned how to love this experience of life deeply and I believe it is possible for all of us. When we come to that place, our true essence shines through and we can be who we came here to be.

In 2012 I quit my corporate job to dedicate myself to the full-time study of wisdom traditions, including Yoga, Buddhist practices, Shamanism, Taoism, Reiki & many more. In 2016 I was introduced to Human Design & Gene Keys, which I have been studying with deep enthusiasm ever since.

Like all epic journeys, mine eventually led me right back home to my own bodymind as an expression of the totality.

It is from here, in the depths of my own uniqueness, that I share what I have found to be consistently and reliably helpful and true for me.

Hear me talk about aspects of my journey with ...

Emma on The Human Design Podcast
Jess & Jenna on the While You Wait podcast

Jess Bubbico on the Waking up with Jess podcast

Jess Bubbico again...

Human Design & Sound Healing Retreat

Having just finished the epic February Imbolc retreat, attention turns to the March Equinox Retreat. I have so much I want to share with this community and there is something extremely magical about meeting in person to share our passion for HD. Firm friendships are forged, a sense of community developed and personal transformations guaranteed.

I also have two amazing co-facilitators joining me to offer sound-healing and tarot guidance.

Do join us if you feel the call....


Living Your Design Course

Every Friday in April 2024

Available to purchase now

In September 2023 I completed my IHDS professional LYD Guide training with John & Amy at The Human Design Collective.

April's LYD course is booking up fast and for those who want to take their time with the material I will offer another later in the year.

LYD is the first of the mandatory courses for all future IHDS study for those wanting to go down that route. It is also a thorough and excellent introduction to the foundations of the system for anyone who has had a personal reading and wants to understand a bit more about their friends and family's charts.

For more info & to enroll go to the ...


My Current Offerings...

qi gong on retreat

I LOVE retreat. I have dedicated the past decade of my life to living and working on retreat.

There is nothing quite like in-person retreats for life-changing transformations, soul-deep connections, and learning opportunities.

I host my own UK-based retreats and also make 'guest-appearances' on retreats with other people in Europe. To find out what's coming up for in person connection...


jenni rave mandala
Human Design & Mentorship

I am available for Human Design 1-2-1s & mentorship

Also an official IHDS Living Your Design course is coming soon...

Whether you are new to Human Design and want to grasp the basics, or have been experimenting for a while and want some support with integrating the details into your life.


Reiki hands
Yin Yoga & Reiki

I have online courses available in Yin Yoga and Yin Teaching skills.

I am available for private Reiki & Reiki I&II attunements

I think both conscious movement, energy management and stillness are necessary to bring the body/mind into harmonious balance.



Wheels of Year Files available to buy

I have created High Resolution PDF and PNG files of the two Wheel of the Year documents for you to buy and print locally for your own wall or for teaching purposes.

I have printed them up to 1m Square as Vinyl banners to support retreat teaching and group Human Design Meet-ups, but you might have something different in mind for them.


Human Design Podcast

My time discussing all things Human Design planetary transits each month with Emma Dunwoody on the Human Design Podcast has come to an end.

If you enjoyed my perspective on the podcast, I recommend you sign up to my Free Contemplations Course (see below), which I will be adding more content to over the course of 2024.

Emma and I spent two and a half years talking about everything under the sun. A full episode archive list is included on the Podcast page of my website - as well as the free support documents that I created to help you visualise the transits as you listen along with us.


Free Contemplations

To deepen my own understanding of the Human Design Gates, I-ching Hexagrams and Gene Keys, I record audio contemplations and meditations. I make them available to anyone who wants to join in and expand their awareness of these powerful archetypes in their own life.


jen standing


(nice things people have said about working with me)

"You – wow, what can I say. You are even more incredible, wise, supportive, engaging than I’ve experienced on 1-2-1 online and on podcast. You are a well of knowledge, full of great ‘advice’ and wisdom. You make things so accessible, and you make me think about life from a different perspective. Everything you touch has your own spin on it."

- Kasia

The knowledge, skill and energy you bring is incredible. The way you held the space for us as a group but also individually was wonderful and should not be underestimated. The way I felt you connect with my soul and reflected it back to me was a moment that I will remember and be forever grateful for."

- Jo

You are super inspiring and I am in awe of your knowledge and how accessibly you shared this with the group - I learnt so much. I have never felt so contained and around so much love and it really is a credit to you for facilitating this. I am sure the experience will continue to positively impact my life and my understanding of myself and I look forward to seeing how I grow as a result.

- Jessica.