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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

Can I book more than one session?

Of course! I like to give you time to integrate what we've discussed each session, and as soon as you feel ready, reach out and we'll go deeper.

Can I get a refund?

If we can't go ahead with our session for any reason and I have not already produced your document, then yes, of course I'm happy to refund the whole amount. If you change your mind but I've already produced the document, I can only refund you 20%.

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Deep Dive Unpack

A much more detailed look at your personal magic!

Perfect for those already a little way into their Human Design experiment who want to go next level! Find out about your defined energy centres. Which gates are activated by which planets and what story that tells about your journey. I show you how your energy is flowing through your Circuits and Channels and we take a brief look at purpose through Incarnation Cross. Finishing up with a summary of your Variable.


First Steps Reading

Everything you need to know to get started with Human Design

Discover your energy 'Type', how to navigate the world effortlessly as yourself using 'Strategy & Authority'. Find out which costume you wear in the world with "Profile' and how your energy centres connect internally with 'Definition.'


Birth Time Exploration

Data only

No Birth time... No problem. I will explore all the possible options for you on your day of birth, produce a report. If you want a call to discuss the findings - choose Birth Time Exploration & Chat option.


Birth Time Exploration & Chat

Data plus follow up call to discuss

If you don't know your birth time I will produce a report on the possible options and then we can have a call to chat about what resonates most from the changeable parts of the report.


Little People

Chart reading specifically for your little ones

Reading for children is a little different than for adults. They're not too conditioned yet, so we focus on who they are, how they are designed to eat, sleep, learn, play, and share space with the family.


Harmony at Home

Your chart, together with another.

We look at Composite charts for any two people. Whether you are partnered in a romantic relationship, or want to look at you and family member together. Find out which types of energy each of you is either broadcasting, or receiving and amplifying and so much more.


Pre-paid session

Only select this option if you have already paid by other means.


Upgrade from First Steps to Deep Dive

Additional cost to get a more detailed reading

You paid for a First Steps at £60 but now realise you actually want to go DEEEPPP. xx