What are the Four Transformations?

Human Design has so many amazing layers to it - one of those is Variable, which we get from the four arrows that we see on our body graph. It reveals...

How you are designed to Digest food, information and life

The Environment where you thrive & how to stabilise your physical body

Your unique Perspective & how you view the world and

Awareness, your motivation & what your mind is designed to focus on

What information do I need?

To get accurate information you will need a human design chart that details the 'Colour and Tone' (the numbers in circles/triangles) of your variable as well as just the directional arrows. For this you need to know your birth time, as well as date and place. If you don’t have it, we can do a Birth Time Exploration session first. I will run this chart for you when you book the course.

If you have accurate information for your partner or children, you can get a lot from the sessions by looking at their charts along with the course. The Four Transformations is great for kids, if you know their Variable, you can help them maximise their brain function and learning style, knowing how they’re designed to take life in.

What's Included?

  • Birth Chart pdf including Variable
  • 3 hours of training videos on each of the Four Transformations
  • Detailed Slide Deck pdf for each Variable

Bonus Content

  • Real-life Stories of experiences with Variable
  • Journal prompts to deepen your experiment